Who We Are?

Swansea Imports Ltd. is a small private company set up in 2001.

It had come to the notice of David Thomas that the tried and trusted Carver Water Heater was no longer being manufactured and spares were becoming hard to source.

He decided that as this was causing difficulties for a great number of existing caravan owners and also caravan, RV and horsebox manufacturers who were being forced into installing more expensive water heaters the time had come to change the situation. Having only a limited knowledge of the caravan industry he needed help and his friend Ray Summers, the owner of The Caravan Hospital became a director of Swansea Imports Ltd. Ray has been actively involved in the servicing and sales of caravans and accessories for almost 40 years and has a vast wealth of knowledge covering all aspects of the industry.

Work began on redesigning the electrics of the heater and bringing them up to modern day standards. The heater had to conform to current safety standards and this necessitated the redesign of the flue (external grill). When work was complete the new Henry Water Heater was born.

Following its CE approval the Henry Water Heater went on sale in the UK and Europe. It was an instant success both with Carver owners seeking to replace their existing appliances with a new heater that can easily slot into the space left by their old heater as well as manufacturers of Caravans, RVs and horseboxes looking for a compact, highly efficient and above all, value for money water heater. The Henry has also been developed to conform to the requirements of the New Zealand markets. It has received AGA Certification and is now used by a number of smaller companies in New Zealand.

Swansea Imports Ltd. represents a company constantly seeking to provide an exceptionally good product at an exceptionally good price.

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