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The Henry dual fuel is a gas and 240v AC storage water heater designed for use in touring caravans, motorhomes and any other application where hot water is required whilst on the move. Designed along similar principles as the Carver Cascade,the Henry has taken the best from the Cascade design and added features such as improved electronics and a 950w heating element to improve warm-up speed.

The Henry Water Heater has been sent to the largest testing house for Gas, 12v and 230v appliances in Europe for CE specification and has a CE certificate (no: CE0087). The Henry Water heater can be sold in the UK, Europe and New Zealand.

The water heater has also been tested by the Australian Gas Authority and was granted AGA approval.

Private Customer?

If you are a private customer looking to buy this fantastic product:
Check us out as we who also supply spares or find out if your nearest caravan sales company is selling this must-have product.

THE Only true Carver Cascade Water Heater replacement.  Check out all the information:
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